Wee Sing Silly Songs

Wee Sing Silly Songs

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Wee Sing Silly Songs


Description Try to hold your giggles while you sing about marching ants, Little Bunny Foo Foo, and the goose that kissed a moose. Action songs and echo songs, ridiculous songs and songs that make little sense---all add up to great fun. The children’s choir joins in with the silliness of some humorous adult voices along the way. The instrumentation adds to the enjoyment as you hear real brass instruments, banjos, guitars, drums, woodwinds, and humorous sound effects accompanying the kids. Features ♦ John Brown's Baby Listen Listen View ♦ Nobody Likes Me ♦ Who Did Swallow Jonah? ♦ Three Jolly Fishermen ♦ Lloyd George Knew My Father ♦ The Limerick Song ♦ Dry Bones ♦ What Did Delaware ♦ Father's Whiskers ♦ Michael Finnegan ♦ Go Get the Ax ♦ She Waded in the Water ♦ Do Your Ears Hang Low? ♦ My Hand on My Head ♦ Once an Austrian Went Yodeling ♦ Risseldy, Rosseldy ♦ Animal Fair ♦ The Bear Went Over the Mountain ♦ Boom, Boom, Ain't It Great to Be Crazy? ♦ Rabbit Ain't Got ♦ Little Bunny Foo Foo ♦ Mules ♦ Ten in a Bed Listen Listen View ♦ Grasshopper ♦ Baby Bumblebee ♦ The Crocodile ♦ The Ants Go Marching ♦ The Little Skunk's Hole ♦ Bill Grogan's Goat ♦ Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends ♦ The Horse Went Around ♦ Found a Peanut ♦ Oh, You Can't Get to Heaven ♦ There's a Hole in the Middle of the Sea ♦ There's a Hole in the Bucket ♦ Ninety-Nine Bottles of Pop ♦ Nursery Rhyme Game Song ♦ Throw It Out the Window ♦ My Hat, It Has Three Corners ♦ The Green Grass Grows All Around ♦ Down by the Bay ♦ Hinky Dinky 'Double D' Farm ♦ One Bottle o' Pop ♦ No, No, Yes, Yes ♦ I'm a Nut
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